To play this game on PS5, your system may need to be updated to the latest system software. Although this game is playable on PS5, some features available on PS4 may be absent. See for more details.
● Early Purchase Bonus: Included until Jan. 13, 2023 at 23:59
· Tsumugi's Costume: Uniform (Cool)

*This Early Purchase Bonus is only available to download by those who purchase this product during the above period.

The SAMURAI MAIDEN DELUXE EDITION includes the full game and a variety of DLC packs.

The DELUXE EDITION features a total of 32 costumes for characters to wear, a weapon to help you conquer the early stages of the game, and special additional BGM.
Also included is the Extra BGM: Bullet Girls Special Sound Pack, an item exclusive to the DELUXE EDITION.

② Tsumugi's Costume: Victory Swimsuit 4-Color Set
③ Iyo's Costume: Victory Swimsuit 4-Color Set
④ Hagane's Costume: Victory Swimsuit 4-Color Set
⑤ Komimi's Costume: Victory Swimsuit 4-Color Set
⑥ Tsumugi's Costume: Sengoku Samurai Girl 4-Color Set
⑦ Iyo's Costume: Matching Uniform 4-Color Set
⑧ Hagane's Costume: Matching Uniform 4-Color Set
⑨ Komimi's Costume: Matching Uniform 4-Color Set
⑩ Tsumugi's Weapon: Luminous Eliminator
⑪ Extra BGM: Kotonohanisaku (Tsumugi Ver.)
⑫ Extra BGM: Kotonohanisaku (Iyo Ver.)
⑬ Extra BGM: Kotonohanisaku (Hagane Ver.)
⑭ Extra BGM: Kotonohanisaku (Komimi Ver.)
⑮ Extra BGM: Bullet Girls Special Sound Pack (Exclusive to the DELUXE EDITION)

*On purchasing this product, you will be able to download both the PS4™ and PS5™ versions.
*Except for the exclusive content, the contents included in this bundle can also be purchased separately. Please be careful not to purchase the same content twice.

Offline single player
Remote Play allows users to connect to and play games on their PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®5 using a mobile device, PC, or another PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®5.
Offline play enabled

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You can download and play this content on the main PS5 console associated with your account (through the “Console Sharing and Offline Play” setting) and on any other PS5 consoles when you login with your same account.

See Health Warnings for important health information before using this product.

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